Useful Tips, Full Guide, and Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics

Useful Tips, Full Guide, and Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics
Table of Contents
  1. Useful Tips, Full Guide, and Examples of Persuasive Essay Topics
  2. Persuasive Essay Definition
  3. Choosing a Perfect Persuasive Essay Topic
  4. Persuasive Essays Topics About Education
  5. Persuasive Research Topics About Sports and Creativity
  6. Professional Persuasive Essay Writing Help

Writing process of any academic paper is always a challenge. But sometimes problems start confusing us right from the start on the stage of topic research. Yes, it can be a real pain to come up with some relevant and interesting topic. Persuasive essay topics easy can be suggested as the most challenging to write and to research. Your speech must be totally to the point and this article will tell you how to get the proper effect. It is almost like an argumentative essay.

Persuasive Essay Definition

Persuasive essay is all about convincing people and proving that you are right. This is a speech that needs to tell people about the problem and convince that your point of view or solution is one that is right. Usually, it is a typical 5 paragraph essay

For a student it means that they need to develop not just their writing skills but also analytical and researching ones. Sometimes persuasive essay writing is a very time-consuming task that requires lots of research and editing.

And it is always easier to deal with a persuasive essay task in case you have a relevant topic. Sometimes it can be assigned to you by your teacher. But it can be easier to search your own direction as you may come up with something really interesting to yourself. And it is always easier to write about something that is interesting for you first of all. Your persuasive essay topic will also be your thesis statement and should be stated in the introduction.

Your persuasive essay topic may make you a winner with a wonderful flow essay or bring you down with poor details and arguments. So, you need to understand how easy it is to fail with a bad persuasive essay topic. The key to success is the Introduction of your persuasive essay. You need to gram reader’s attention right from the start and let them read in interesting piece of writing. This is the task you need to follow.

Choosing a Perfect Persuasive Essay Topic

As we said before, your persuasive essay grade depends on your topic first of all. You need to take into account both interests of your readers and your own interests. It will help you to provide some relevant information others can use and at the same time do not lose your own engagement in the entire project. It is always better to work on something when it is interesting to you. And it is even better when you are already familiar with the topic. This rule works perfectly for any essay topic no matter if it is a persuasive or a narrative essay.

These knowledge will help you to keep on track and leave your reader satisfied at the same time. But, of course, for the best result you need to think about your audience first. This is the main factor that should be reckoned with. Your main purpose is not just to convince your reader but also to bring some new information to them. And this information should be relevant and useful, something they could use in their life. The same thing could be told, for example, about a process essay topic

Inspiration is a great key to success. An inspired person can create a great piece of writing. Inspiration is something that keeps our wheels turning even if the task is hard and challenging. Even if the writing process is too hard for you, will end the persuasive essay perfectly fueling with your enthusiasm. That is why it is important to pick an interesting topic for yourself.

Persuasive Essays Topics About Education

  1. College issues and the role of students in solving them;
  2. Students have not enough experience to solve any issues in college;
  3. Writing for a school newspaper develops imagination;
  4. It is totally useless to write for a school newspaper;
  5. It is impossible to reach success in business without a proper degree;
  6. Business success has nothing to do with education and college degree;
  7. It is important to count professors’ salary according to grades of their students;
  8. Student’s success depends on his friends, classmates, and environment in general;
  9. It is important to teach kids of foreign language as soon as possible;
  10. It is important to allow students and pupils to choose their courses personally;
  11. Government should treat sports at schools on the same high level as any other subject;
  12. Teachers should allow their students to use smartphones in classes and school in general;
  13. It is obligatory for students and pupils to wear uniform;
  14. Sexual education is an important part of any educational process;
  15. Drug tests should be taken in schools on a regular basis;
  16. Students should become volunteers before graduation;
  17. Education all over the world should be free;
  18. Classes on how to be a parent are obligatory for schools and colleges;
  19. Parents should develop a healthy diet for their kids both at home and at school;
  20. School libraries should set filters to identify inappropriate content inside the school network;
  21. Recycling in schools should be taken more seriously;
  22. There is no need to learn foreign languages to be successful in business;
  23. Your experience is more important than your knowledge;
  24. You will definitely get a high grade, if your essay is well-written;
  25. No one need books if they can use a computer or a tablet;
  26. ABC books are outdated and modern kids need something more effective;
  27. It is a great challenge to be a teacher’s pet;
  28. Students should be allowed to use calculators in class instead of counting in mind;
  29. Studying is always an interesting stage in a person’s life;
  30. Parents should choose the place where their kid is going to study.

Persuasive Research Topics About Sports and Creativity

  1. Sports help students to develop their character;
  2. Extreme sports should be banned from Olympics;
  3. The best cure for depression is music;
  4. Artistic people have more tendencies for depression;
  5. Art is the better distraction from a daily routine;
  6. Fashion has nothing to do with a real people needs;
  7. It is easy to spend money on useless fashionable things;
  8. It is better and easier to live in a world full of technologies;
  9. People always judge you negatively first;
  10. It is important for adults to play computer games;
  11. Democracy is impossible without free press;
  12. Real journalism is impossible without free press;
  13. Some sports are too dangerous for kids and should be prohibited;
  14. Facebook and other networks cause people lose their friends;
  15. Technologies become dangerous for people;
  16. There is no use of old rules for business meeting outfits;
  17. National costumes should be banned from official business and diplomatic meetings;
  18. Men should not care what to wear;
  19. Women are better in fashion than men;
  20. Women should take care of their appearance;
  21. Women should always wear makeup;
  22. It is normal for a modern man to use makeup;
  23. Good-looking people often are too selfish;
  24. You should not buy new clothes too often;
  25. The best profession for a girl is modeling;
  26. People should not wear black all the time to avoid depression;
  27. Art can be a perfect cure for people with a post traumatic stress disorder;
  28. There is no use in following fashion as it is just a waste of time;
  29. Movies with without happy ending should be banned;
  30. There should be separate radio stations for sad songs;
  31. Modern artists are less talented than those from previous decades;
  32. Art should not cost more than a thousand of dollars.

Professional Persuasive Essay Writing Help

Persuasive academic writing may seem to be a challenging task but everything gets clearer if you are inspired and self confident. Your topic should be familiar and interesting for you. It is a key to a perfectly done persuasive essay. In case you are still not sure about your task, you are free to contact us and ask for professional persuasive essay help. Our experts are 24/7 ready to provide you with top-level services.