Do You Know How Long Does It Take to Write a 5-page Paper?

Do You Know How Long Does It Take to Write a 5-page Paper?

Every time when you start working on your writing assignment, you may wonder, how much time will it take to complete it? If it is a two pages essay or an average research paper, you can easily estimate the time (taking into account your topic). What about writing a 5-page paper? How long does it take to write a 5-page paper? Read this article, we will try to find the answer to this question.

Is it Easy to Estimate the Time Needed for a 5-page Paper?

Not easy, it is almost impossible to estimate the time before analyzing some details & this is why:

  • You don’t know does the paper need some easy or good research to be done;
  • You need to study your sources, this process takes a couple of days;
  • You will study other papers written on your topic;
  • If it is an experience story or definition essay, it may take a lot of time to distinguish paragraphs, it depends on the requirements, etc.

So each writing assignment requires the different amount of time from an hour to a couple of days or even weeks. It is based on the type of the paper, topic, your purpose, & requirements (single or double spaced, specific terminology, etc.). Your writing skills influence.

What are the Main Factors?


Your topic is the main factor which influences the working time. It may be simple or complex, boring or interesting to you. If your topic is complex, you will have to make more deep research and spend a lot of time on it.

Number and reliability of sources

Some areas are less explored by authors, others are more popular. If you can find a lot of reliable sources, it will make your writing process much easier. The topic which is not examined gives a lot of space for investigation, finding & presenting your own innovative ideas. But if you need to write your paper fast, it’s better to choose the topic on which you can find a lot of reliable resources & papers.

Your writing skills

If you have excellent writing skills, it will be easy for you to cope with a 5-page paper & you will hardly ask the question how long it takes to write a 5-page paper. But if you are not an expert & have strict deadlines, this issue may bother you. In this case, it is better to delegate this task to professional writes. It is obvious that the expert will write this paper much faster along with following all requirements such as the list of sources, style, format, etc.

Writing an Excellent 5-page Paper

Writing a 5-page paper is the process which has its own peculiarities as any other work. It is not as easy as it may seem. You are limited with space & you have to check every your sentence in order to avoid unnecessary & meaningless information in your paper. We have some advice of the algorithm, just follow it as advice from the professional writers & you will succeed with it.

1) Topic is your start point

The topic of your paper influences the length. Considering it, you should understand that it’s better to choose the narrow topic. Only having a narrow area you will be able to write a 5-page paper. Wide & complex topic requires research, & you have no space to represent it in your work. That’s why you need to find the field which is interesting to you & then narrow it to the topic. Take into account the details & availability of reliable evidence. If you come up with an interesting topic, it will make the half of your success.

2) Conduct the research

It is obvious that you don’t need to make deep & long research if you ask how long it takes to write a 5-page paper. Generally, 4-5 sources will be enough. You are not limited you can study the topic as much as you want, as deep as you want, it is up to you to decide. Pay attention that you need to choose only reliable sources that you can trust, keep yourself on a safe side.

3) Don’t skip the outline

Even if the paper is not long, it still needs the outline. Don’t skip this step, it will become your greatest helper when you start writing. After you learn everything about how to write a 5-page research paper here, you can read more about research paper outline. An outline will organize your work, you will feel more confident, realizing that you don’t put unnecessary points to your work.

4) Revise your paper

Remember that the first version of your writing paper is always a draft. Revise it after you finish. We sure you will find something that you need to add or to delete. If you don’t make a draft, you will spend less time on writing your paper but you will have more chances to get good grade if you don’t skip it.

Revise & polish work may seem boring; it is an obligatory step of the process if you want to be successful with your assignment. Check your grammar, content & pay attention to your thesis statement. Revise introduction & conclusion twice because teachers always pay special attention to it.


Although lately, some people say that research papers became just waste of the time, you will have this assignment during your studying. How long does it take to write a 5-page paper? It’s impossible to know it exactly because it depends on so many factors (writing skills, topic, its complexity, other requirements) but we gave you tips how to find out the approximate time & what to do to succeed with it. Now you know how to estimate the time. If you still have some questions about the writing process or peculiarities of the papers, you can ask them in the comments, our team will answer you with a pleasure.