Narrative Essay Topics & Tips – All you Need for Creative Writing

Narrative Essay Topics & Tips – All you Need for Creative Writing

So what is it? This is a special form of expository or reaction papers. It is aimed to describe the author’s feelings or experience connected with a special time, event, place or person. It is not a traditional essay (with an academic approach to data). Understand it as a special story aimed to teach an audience. In most cases, a writer should describe own life and personal impressions connected with it. Narrative essay topics, for their turn, are not exact.

They look like a higher school application essay: “Describe the place you love”, “Make a list of your life goals”, “What person affected you?”, “The most important day of your life”, etc. Despite the relative simplicity, each one can be a real test for an inexperienced storyteller. Here is what you need to pass this test with flying colors.

Narrative Essay Structure and Features

Besides a classic essay structure, this kind of essay has got own distinctive features that separate it from traditional means of academic writing:

  • It is written from a special point of view that is not likely to change during the narration.
  • It involves a writer to make and support a definite point.
  • It is more a story than an essay, so the composition is built by all storytelling regulations: conflicts, sequences, development of characters, culmination, conclusions.
  • It is allowed to use dialogs in the text.
  • A narrative essay is full of details and explanations.
  • The language style is more natural than every academic paper has. Citing style regulations and essay writing tips must be followed.
  • Narratives are written from the first-person POV. The third-person pronouns can be present.

The structure of the essay does not fall under strict rules. You still have to divide the story into covered logical parts (the introduction, body, conclusion), no matter if your narrative paper contains 200 or 1000 words. The introduction is aimed to make an audience interested in the text. The body contains the main paragraphs of the story. The conclusion is the finish of the essay, where you describe your personal feelings and experience concerning the topic. It works better if you are familiar with the topic. This rule works perfectly for any essay type you know. For example, persuasive essay topics should be well-familiar to you to get a proper result.

A narrative paper does not make you think about a thesis statement. You do not have to prove or disprove anything. On the other hand, your narrative story must be clear enough to impress a reader. Do not forget that you have to supply a text with concrete details that make a forceful effect. Each character you mention should have own traits and motivation.

Personal Topics for A Narrative Essay

In this section, you will find the narrative essay topics that concern your inner feelings and impressions personally. They match better for showing how your own thoughts and emotions made you personality grow. They are able to show your individual opinion concerning various common and uncommon things. If you are not sure you can do it yourself, you can always rely on professional online help and order a comprehensive paper.

  1. My Favorite Time of the Year
  2. My Favorite Holiday
  3. My Favorite Season
  4. A Thing from Childhood I Cannot Forget
  5. The Strongest Feeling I Have Ever Had
  6. The Worst Moment in My Life
  7. Why I Love Making Friends
  8. My Personal Goals
  9. A Deed I Regret
  10. Why Do I Love/Hate Having a Journey?
  11. My Ideal Place of Work
  12. How I Work with My Bad Habits
  13. Good Habits I Try to Gain
  14. Things That Make Me Feel Free
  15. My Personal Opinion about Humanity Improvement
  16. What I Feel When I Hear Good/Bad News about My Relatives
  17. How I Survived My Rebellion Period
  18. The Hardest Decision I Have Ever Made
  19. A Happening That Changed My Attitude toward People
  20. My Everyday Assignment or How I try to Improve Myself
  21. A Job I will Never Have
  22. My Biggest Dream
  23. The Luckiest Purchase I Have Ever Made
  24. Why I Respect Experienced People
  25. My Attitude toward Life and Death

Experience Topics for a Narrative Paper

These topics are the best for exposing your impressions about interacting with other people, counties, cultures, etc. Here an author can find everything from an outer world that affected him/her. Each topic of the following list allows readers comparing an author with themselves, finding similarities and gaining empathy towards an author. These are the most forcing and persuasive topics.

  1. A Person That Changed My File
  2. A Member of My Family I Respect Most of All
  3. My Trip to a Foreign Country
  4. Great Personalities from the American History and What I Think about Them
  5. How My Parents Made Me A Person I Am Now?
  6. The Scariest Place I Have Been Lost Into
  7. A Difficult Friendship I Had Left in the Past
  8. The Strangest Person I Have Ever Met
  9. The Oddest Situation Happened Because of My Deeds
  10. Books and the Ideas They Give Me
  11. My Favorite Inspirational Speaker
  12. Real Experience of Getting Acquainted with Other Cultures
  13. Rules of Success I’ve Learned from Elderly People
  14. A Celebrity I Would Like to Follow
  15. One Day of My Life That Changed My Attitude toward Humanity
  16. Why Writers Have the Biggest Influence upon Us?
  17. A Moment of My Life I Would Like to Forget
  18. A University of My Dreams
  19. An Artist That Makes Me Cry
  20. A City I Would Like to Spend My Life In
  21. A Family Journey I Will Never Forget
  22. Examples I Followed in Childhood
  23. A Historic Event I Took Part In
  24. How I Have Changed My Country
  25. My Personal Opinion about an Ideal Politician

This list is not full. A good narrative text is not about a title. It should become an exact reflection of your life. Its main goal is demonstrating yourself as a unique person with a comprehensive understanding of storytelling. Do not expect to write a great essay at once. Consider all aspects, do not hurry up and you will be able to compose a narrative paper to remember.