How to Summarize an Article in 6 Simple Steps

How to Summarize an Article in 6 Simple Steps
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  1. How to Summarize an Article in 6 Simple Steps
  2. 6 Simple Steps for Summarizing Any Article
  3. More Good Tips on Creating a Summary
  4. Get a Perfect Summary From an Experienced Company

When you are summarizing various articles, this is a great way to understand any piece of writing. Needless to say, this job requires good skills in writing and the ability to understand other people points of view. When students are required to make a summarizing paper, it may be a difficult task for many of them. Do not worry even if you have no thoughts on how to generate conclusion for an article. We have created this detailed guide to help people in writing a good paper. We are ready to share some secrets with you, so read this article thoroughly and make some notes during reading.

6 Simple Steps for Summarizing Any Article

It is not a simple task to make a good summary of the article or a book. In some way, summary looks like a book report writing. If you feel difficult to find successful tips on how to summarize an article, we want to introduce these six simple but very effective steps on creating a great paper!

  • Read the document with attention. Focus on its title and subtitles during reading.
  • Re-read the text again. Many students prefer skipping this point but we insist on the second reading. It will help you to understand the information and get the main idea of its author. During re-reading, please make notes on next important points:
  1. Identify the main point of the article. Concentrate on the main idea, define what the author wanted to say to readers.
  2. Circle key terms. Take a pencil and circle the main important parts of written text or book.
  3. Divide the entire paper into several sections. This is a logical task - just find several parts that contain the author's ideas.  
  • Make a detailed outline of the summary paper. An outline is a plan of your future writing. It must include the main points and it will help you to summarize the article step by step. Here how you should do it:
  1. Formulate the main idea of the book.
  2. Summarize each section. It means you should formulate the main idea of each part of the article.
  • Create a rough draft. Follow the original sequence of ideas. Use an outline, and you will not forget anything important. Remember, every sentence of your summary should be connected to the main idea.
  • Edit your summary. We suggest taking a short break at least for 3-4 hours after you have finished your summary It's better to review your document with fresh eyes. Editing is an important part: here you need to find and correct all grammar and logical errors. Plus you will have to check your work to avoid plagiarism. Feel free to use online software for checking.
  • Compare your finished text with the original text. See if you include all the needed points. Make sure all parts of the article or book are highlighted in your completed paper.


More Good Tips on Creating a Summary

Keep in memory that summarizing doesn't mean to criticize. You just have to give readers your views of the text or book without deep analysing. Here are some extra tips on how to summarize an article without wasting your time:

  • Understand the main ideas. Try to highlight the ideas of writing as notes for your draft. Then go through these points and choose those that have connected to the author's view.
  • Do not write too much. This is a short work, so you don't have to write many pages! Avoid repetitions and long sentences. Keep it brief.
  • The uniqueness of your writing. Restate the author's ideas in a different way, without rewriting the same sentences. You cannot copy or quote any information from the original paper. But your own interpretation should be connected to the writer's main ideas.
  • Follow the same way. Notice what argument and analysis the author does, and try to follow the same line in your own document. Avoid everything that has no close connection to the main idea.   

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