50 Research Paper Topic Ideas to Stress Things That Are Important in Student's Life

50 Research Paper Topic Ideas to Stress Things That Are Important in Student's Life
Table of Contents
  1. 50 Research Paper Topic Ideas to Stress Things That Are Important in Student's Life
  2. Research Paper Definition & Meaning
  3. Research Paper Outline Main Elements
  4. Do Not Forget to Revise a Research Paper!
  5. 50 Awesome Research Paper Topics to Enjoy

“Based on the studies by the genius Leonardo da Vinci, we can say that people can invent things to make them fly and keep human weight in the air, but it is impossible to make a human fly without any supporting devices.”

It is one of the possible research paper topic ideas. A research paper is the next stage in academic career after the high school essays. They are more complicated, so be careful when getting ready, researching, and writing the final draft.

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Research Paper Definition & Meaning

According to the academic experts, a research paper is an academic assignment based on in-depth search, which aims to explore a specific research problem under the loop and interpret the results of the study. An advanced research paper contains author’s study of topic along with the primary research. The main success factor is the topic a writer is interested in.

Research Paper Outline Main Elements

A research paper outline is different from the one a typical essay has. It makes sense. Ensure the project has the components listed below:

  • Title/Cover Page (with project’s topic, author’s full name, educational institution’s title, and publication date)
  • Abstract.

Expert Advice:

“An abstract is a narrow summary of which topic the author will be discussing in the upcoming project. It has to be no more than 250 words in length (1/3 of the A4 page) and should not repeat the information provided back in the introduction or conclusion. Give hints, but do not answer the main topic question in the abstract to keep the intrigue. It is like a theater movie trailer!”

Paige Andrews, a professional writer and content manager at PaperOverNight

  • Introduction to a topic (a background information with a short comment that gives a hint on the problem)
  • Manuscript body (break it into several sections)
  • Methodology (includes equipment & tools description)
  • Results & Discussion (a.k.a. R&D)
  • Conclusions on the topic
  • Literary Review or Bibliography (example in MLA)
  • Tables, charts, images, graphs – appendix (if needed)

An outline might be formal or informal, but it is recommended to have one.

Do Not Forget to Revise a Research Paper!

Once you are done with the topic selection & writing process, it is necessary to check whether the final text corresponds to the expected academic standards. Keep in mind 2 things:

  1. Start with proofreading the text (from the topic name).
  2. End up with the process of editing.

Without having a review of the paper, the editor risks skipping the main topic idea, which will prevent him/her from re-structuring and rearranging the thoughts properly. Editing is not just fixing grammar mistakes! While the author revises the text, he/she should pay attention to the following:

  • Do paragraphs have a logical flow?
  • The sections recall the topic thesis
  • Correct academic tone
  • The content is engaging in targeting audience
  • Every claim has a related evidence/support
  • Necessary transitions are in place
  • Fully concluded statements
  • Thesis in introduction and conclusion is a bit different
  • The main question is answered

50 Awesome Research Paper Topics to Enjoy

Looking for the proper topic name for the research paper? Top college students shared their ideas with our readers!

  1. The impact of Internet and mobile educational apps on student's academic performance
  2. The principles of Google/another search engine work
  3. Human rights that should be added to the Constitution of the United States
  4. No Child Left Behind Act: Impact on Modern Society
  5. How does alcohol consumption influence the domestic violence?
  6. Is there any type of discrimination in education?
  7. Is it fair to place students by the mental disabilities?
  8. Limitations of abortion and reasons for limiting that
  9. Stem cell research
  10. The factors leading to the racial imbalance in business
  11. Discuss reverse discrimination
  12. The differences between Christianity and Buddhism
  13. The role of government support in public education
  14. Bilingual education with its negative & positive effects
  15. The National Organization for Women: Effective or Not?
  16. Are national standardized tests showing the true knowledge of students?
  17. Should communities close school with the average standardized test scores below acceptable?
  18. The fault of teachers in the failed student’s exams in a specific school
  19. Permitting corporal punishment might be the solution to many problems
  20. Zero tolerance toward abortion and reasons for that
  21. Causes & effects of grade inflation
  22. Health websites do not provide accurate information and often lead to the adverse results of treatment
  23. Low-fat diets’ consequences for the human body
  24. The hazards of using marijuana for medical purposes
  25. To achieve significant improvements in health, proper diet is not enough
  26. The outcomes of the increased alcohol consumption among the population
  27. Things that help to quit smoking
  28. Autism & its treatment topic
  29. Factors that cause heart failure
  30. Factors that predetermine heart attack
  31. Parents should go on vaccinating their kids
  32. Technology leads to the lack of real-life communication
  33. Influence of gaming apps on the performance of high school students
  34. Restrictions on the media topic
  35. Online social networks involvement
  36. Ethics regarding marketing to kids
  37. The ways to communicate with the help of body gestures
  38. Ways to prevent assisted suicide
  39. Euthanasia has a right to exist
  40. Political advertising in Olympic Games
  41. Top controversial ads of all time
  42. Affirmative action research topic
  43. The causes of serious budget deficit
  44. Patriot Acts and their results
  45. Transgender surgery
  46. Homosexual marriages
  47. Advantages & disadvantages of wearing school uniforms
  48. Proper funding for AIDs research
  49. Animal protection is more important than business or scientific development
  50. Social outcomes of combined team sports

These topic selections are great if you plan to prepare a powerful, impressive, and useful research paper to help the next generation to focus on what is important in our life. Do you lack a helping hand? The best solution is hiring a certified online writer from the time-tested, trusted the online academic agency to complete both independent research and the paper itself. Do not miss a chance to improve the GPA!