Easy Guide on to How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Easy Guide on to How to Write a Descriptive Essay
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  1. Easy Guide on to How to Write a Descriptive Essay
  2. Five Steps of the Descriptive Essay Writing Process
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So, if you want to know what a descriptive essay is and how to make it right, we can help you easily. In this article, you will learn how to deal with this type of essay.

First of all, you should know that the task for a writer is to describe. Yes, it sounds too simple and obvious, but you should make it perfectly and clearly. Descriptive essay is all about not just telling a story, but showing the details.

Your reader must understand exactly what you are talking about. This type of article may describe some particular object or even a moment in time.

And it is your task to get some proper descriptive tools to make your paper perfect. And if you have not enough skills for that, you are risking getting into trouble. But fortunately, you have this article, and it will help you to make your descriptive essay shine.

Five Steps of the Descriptive Essay Writing Process

Let’s start with the process of creation of the descriptive essay. Usually, it takes five steps as any other paper writing process. But it also has its unique features that should be shown to anyone who is new to this essay type.

  1. Preparing the Descriptive Essay

There are few main keys to a successful descriptive essay. And the vivid language is one of them. Speaking more clearly, you should use figurative language to make your paper properly. It should sound accurate and really descriptive. For this purpose, you can use metaphors and bright comparisons. The more feel will be in your language, the highest level of success you will get.

Sometimes even before you will learn how to write a descriptive essay, you will get your topic for writing. It happens when the topic is given to you by your teacher. Well, we must say that this case is not the best one for you. Of course, you would not spend your time on topic research. But it is better for you to have a topic that will be interesting and familiar to you. It will give you some extra motivation for writing and explore the whole subject. So, if you have a choice about your topic, try to get it by yourself with no teacher’s requirements.
  1. Drafting a Descriptive Essay

When it comes to writing papers, especially on descriptive essay topics, you should avoid clichés. This is a common mistake for different writers of different levels. And especially careful you should be while writing in the figurative language. There are lots of common clichés in it. There is one simple example wen students compare the field with a sky or and a sea. So, you can try to come with some new tricks and your own tools to make your article sound cool.
As we told you before, the descriptive essay is about descriptions and showing things. Storytelling is not enough here so you must learn how to deal with various details. It is not enough to tell that the house was old. You should show its age with words. Try to imagine yourself a painter who is painting a picture of an old house. What tools and colors he uses to show the age of the house. Relax and take your time as this process can be really interesting.
  1. Revising a Descriptive Essay

This is the stage when authors review, organize, and improve their drafts. Your goal is to make your raw draft just perfect and complete. Consider these four points while revising your descriptive essay:
  • Your article must be written in a way to entertain the reader and open the subject for him completely. Each paragraph should be descriptive, but not confusing.
  • Your writing language should involve all the five senses of the reader and show him the meaning of the paper.
  • There should be as many details as it is possible. But all of them should give the complete picture without confusing the reader.
  • All the descriptive elements must be connected with each other correctly directing the reader to a proper conclusion.
Besides that, you should always concentrate on your reader's mind right from the start. You can begin with some general point to introduce the topic to your reader and then slightly get everything more specific. Otherwise, your audience may not get the image you want to show them because of lack of the details, their experience, and the connection between them.
  1. Editing a Descriptive Essay

After you have done your paper, you must deal with editing and proofreading. This stage is very important as it is your last chance to polish your paper before showing it to the audience. So, if you are not sure about your editing skills, you can hire a professional paper editor online at the most reasonable price.
  1. Publishing a Descriptive Essay

So it is time to share your descriptive essay with the audience. First of all, it would be your classmates. This stage is very exciting and scary at the same time. But you should calm down and just forget about sensitivity about your paper. This is the time for you to learn experience so do not waste your time on being nervous. Listen to the feedbacks and make your conclusions. There is nothing more exciting than getting a positive review, of course, but critics also can be useful for your further studying and writing tasks.

Helping hand

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